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About Me...

I have been a trainer for many years, including time at Samaritans - the charity that offers emotional support to those may be going through a crisis or may be feeling suicidal. I later became involved with dementia support - and quickly came to realise that there is a lot of overlap because good communication is an important way of reaching out to people. Communication involves tuning in to 'feelings', particularly when words or language may be more difficult.

I am also an experienced film maker, having worked in the TV and Film industry since 1979. I have managed to combine my roles, and in addition to working as a trainer, I have also produced a number of training and awareness raising videos, including 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow' and 'Tomorrow is another day' for the Alzheimer's Society.

I like to think I am a good 'communicator'.... In the picture above, I am attempting to put my communication skills into practice with my cat. Actually, he was a stray, an elderly chap who just moved in with us. He was very communicative, telling me when (and what) he wanted to eat or if he wanted to sit with me. He was also a good listener... Unfortunately, he wasn't in good health and after a couple of years he finally moved on to that Great Cattery In The Sky. Although sadly missed, he had a good quality of life and we were pleased that he chose to stay with us...